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The passion for our work and the continuous attention towards training and growth of the team has led us, over time, to expand greatly the pool of services offered to the users. The transition from a simple supplier to system integrator has taken place gradually over the course of time, with a daily challenges on the people who make up the company, and on our customers, whose trust has enabled us to move forward.

With a flexible and extremely collaborative organization, Ikran services today has five operating divisions, specialized for thematic and with a growing workforce. We are what our daily history has made us and briefly we can summarize it like this:

Service Features


We offer a wide and complete range of solutions and systems that enable the evolution of the Data Center infrastructure in its most current and efficient forms. Physical Security and the infrastructure management is guaranteed: our design and installation methods follow the most advanced best practices in order to meet the processing and protection requirements of your digital assets.

  • Virtualization
  • Data Center Storage
  • Servers e Cluster

Service Features


We design and build the network infrastructure that can support all the business requirements of your company on the basis of size - from small business to the large enterprise, also on the basis of geography - and the real application needs. Absolute reliability and continuity of operations is guaranteed. Communication networks meet all the highest standards and use the best technology.

  • Analysis and troubleshooting
  • Business, Enterprise and Carrier Network
  • Infrastructure
  • Performance Optimization
  • Remote connectivity
  • Network Management and service
  • Wiring
  • Optical Networking
  • Monitoring

Service Features

Cyber security

The cyber security, understood as data and information protection, is a focal point of our team. Covering every stage of analysis and design through hardening of the systems, intrusion prevention, access control, authentication and content filtering, we will protect your information assets from unwanted events.

  • Design
  • Research
  • Security and Risk Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Systems Hardening
  • Firewalling and Monitoring
  • <

Service Features


Following the Decree, Law liberalizes the use of wireless technologies in urban areas, this proposal of ours is a concrete solution for boosting the technological benefits to the areas deprived of broadband connections. Without this resource, it puts the areas in a significant disadvantage as compared to the areas covered under this service. The presence of an ADSL connection is now for the citizens as one of the primary services. The lack of internet connections on "broadband" is in fact a social discrimination, compared to the areas equipped with this. This phenomenon, is in fact called "digital divide”. If on the one hand, the so called broadband connection, signifies a means to the essential playful/working things for many private citizens and professionals on the other it is to be considered the tool of multiple possibilities of use, which could allow maximum return in terms of benefits (social and economic) while it is being configured as high technology, making available to the citizens, to the businesses and to anyone interested in, who requests it. Our project consists of creating a wireless infrastructure to provide Internet broadband services (ADSL) in the interested areas.

  • To establish the basis for eliminating the phenomenon of digital divide
  • To give the opportunity to any family, company, association, to access a series of services and knowledge available on the internet at high speed, also canceling the telephone connection cost
  • To have the ability to leverage the civic network that would be created, as a tool to make calls without charge, within the created network (VOIP)
  • Each public place (pubs, pizzeria, etc.) may, if desired, become an Internet Café at very low cost attracting another type of clientele and providing a service to the users without a computer
  • To substantially reduce the telephone costs of the member companies, using the innovative and simple technologies such as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • To have the ability to establish video surveillance services in a simple way and at a limited cost
  • Ability to create access points in public areas such squares, public offices, tourist areas, in which the end user can browse internet without the help of an external antenna, using the Wi-Fi technologies directly integrated in laptops, PDAs, etc.

Service Features

Internet of Things IoT

We live in an always "connected" world in which the internet is technology now enabling both professional and private daily operations for the majority. Internet of things is the new paradigm in which things, the objects, that support us in the everyday life, interact with each other (and with us), through the internet, which becomes, in fact, a bus of single communication. Ikran services strongly believes in innovative power and in the commercial potential of the IoT, to enable a dedicated working group, which supports the standard divisions in designing of the complex systems, including those based on this methodology. From the home automation to the precision agriculture, from controlling remotely to building automation, are many fronts where Ikran Services does just the concept of integrated communication.

Service Features


Transversely to the areas of intervention and to the employed technologies, the research and development department works in sync with the working groups, with the aim of ensuring high quality standards in the implementation of the consolidated technologies and the state of art on the new fronts. The specialists are also committed in providing support to the engineering in the preparation of draft business proposals and in drafting of technical inputs for bidding or call for European funding.

  • technology benchmark
  • the International Innovation lab
  • definition of development policies and implementation
  • monitoring and quality control of the working groups
  • application and testing of the latest technologies
  • evaluation and assessment of the innovative markets, together with the marketing department