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Ikran Services Srl, established as an Enterprise Solution capable to continue and expand business activities in the field of IT service delivery, began with the then Ikran S.r.l., operating since November 2000.

The need for a completely new company, with a significant presence throughout the country through its offices in Rome, Turin, Montalto di Castro and Savona, wanted to represent the intention to consolidate the business opportunities in some critical contexts, with special reference to the development, implementation and maintenance of projects of any level of complexity in the field of Networking, Security, Systems, development and connectivity.

The Technologies, research and the care towards the design and assistance in the identification of the customer's needs are the basic elements of the daily work, which permits the adoption of innovative and scalable solutions and with multilevel information architectures. Since March 2015, the company has set up an office in Tirana, Albania. From the business view, this choice is fundamentally based on the strong growth potential expressed by the Balkan countries over the past five years, thanks to major political and institutional policies that are making these nations, demographically young, fast and effective to change. From a technical view, the company's decision was to portray the commercial presence by a real "innovation lab", a micro structure dedicated exclusively to research and development activities in innovative technologies, the results of which can then be applied to the wider and consolidated market.

Completing the technological growth scenario by major partnerships with the local universities and companies for sharing of the expertise and interests. The marching forward on the idea that only the combination drives the real force and on the lines of the mentioned academic and business partnerships, the structure responsible for the technical coordination of the procurement process, in which the company participates, gets completed through a thorough training in the field of direct financing of the European community. This complex and diversified area, represents a remarkable opportunity for those innovative companies that, in spite of having potentially winning ideas, do not have the economic strength to invest in and implement them. These funds, appropriately requested and structured, allow to innovate and to bring, with the technology, a real benefit. Ikran Services, overseeing this area, has invested in the training of its specialists, aimed at finding of interest call, in advisory capacity to direct the customer towards the more adequate funding sector, in identification of strategic partnerships to complement the groupings, in coordination of technical resources in the drafting of the documents and in economic reporting of the loans obtained.

This is what has allowed Ikran Services S.r.l to develop remarkable experiences with customer satisfaction, for whom the care and attention frequently means from simple "business to business" to a much deeper partnership.